Hertfordshire’s newest classical choir delivers

fun and exciting rehearsals learning favourite choral harmonies in an encouraging and friendly atmosphere

Once-a-month workshops cover singing technique and explore a variety of arrangements,
including pieces with latin and Italian text.
Singers enjoy learning famous choruses such as Jerusalem, Gloria, Adiemus and Donna Nobis. 
Singers always leave rehearsals on a high (if not slightly blurry eyed from the incredible quality of sound they have achieved altogether!) 
They also have the opportunity to sing alongside live instruments, with professional visiting musicians often accompanying rehearsals and performances.

Performance and social opportunities include charity concerts in renowned venues, informal outdoor events, European tours and theatre trips.

"Inspirational and uplifting. Learning about the techniques of singing and being able to practice with live professional musicians provides added pleasure to the whole experience"

"I love singing in classical chorus because it is friendly, inclusive, informal and stretches my musical ability"

"At the end of the rehearsal I always feel elated with a real sense of achievement"